5 Reasons Why Top Selling Laptops Might Not Be For You

5 Reasons Why Top Selling Laptops Might Not Be For You

I could begin this article with a presentation of one long list after another even longer list of laptops upon more laptops but I will not do that because I find lists boring as I would bet you do to.

Still keeping in mind that we are gathered here to concentrate on the subject of top selling laptops, let us address it in a more unconventional way. I decided to list down five reasons why a top selling laptop might NOT be up your alley. Let’s look at them now.
1. Too Many Top Selling Lists
Have you ever wondered how laptops, or any other merchandise for that matter, get onto a top seller list? And have you further wondered why there are so many different top seller lists that contain so many different laptops and one list does not necessarily resemble the next? Well, you are not alone. I have been wondering about all that myself, did some investigating and what I have found may surprise you as much as it surprised me.

2. It’s All About Advertising
In one way or another, all these top seller lists beginning with the laptop manufacturers as a means to advertise and promote their products by releasing a whole lot of hype and rhetoric. On-line sellers of laptop computers, and there are virtually dozens and dozens of them, collect all the promotional publicity to compile it into lists of top selling laptops.
3. It’s Also About Commissions
Ranking and placement of each laptop depends largely on the rate of commission or the size of the kickback those sellers get from manufacturers for placing their products in the coveted top spots.

The more a certain manufacturer pays these on-line sellers, the bigger the chances that their products will land closer to the top of their top selling laptop list. And since not all manufacturers can or even want to pay to be on every on-line seller’s list, these top seller lists of laptops can vary significantly and they certainly do.

4. Be Careful About Those Top Selling Lists
I am not suggesting that the specifications released by manufacturers about any given laptop are fabricated. As a matter of fact they are probably completely correct and accurate. But I am claiming that the ranking of these top selling laptop lists is falsified — laptops that are ranked as top sellers may not necessarily be that at all.

I hope that I have not upset you too much with my assertions because that was not my intent at all. To tell you the truth, I do not see the importance of knowing which laptops sell more than any others. You and I are not members of a herd of cattle and we do not need to stampede right along them. So, even when true, the fact that a certain laptop is the top seller should never be the decisive factor when choosing yours.
5. Trust Your Own List
I challenge you to make your own list of top selling laptops and the list should include the one and only laptop which you selected for yourself.

To help you with the selection process, I have compiled a questionnaire for you as follows:

  • What is your budget and how much can you spend on a laptop?
  • Is appearance of the laptop an important factor for you?
  • Will this laptop accompany you on many trips?
  • Do you love games and will you be playing many of them on your laptop?
  • Would you rather have a PC or a Mac?
  • How frequently will you be using your laptop?
  • Will you be using your laptop mostly at home, at the office or on the road?

Now you understand why a top selling laptop might not be up your alley. You are unique, you are special and you deserve a laptop with the same qualities. Answer the questionnaire above, do some research and comparative shopping and get yourself the very best laptop your money can buy. Enjoy!

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