Alienware 18 as Best Dell Laptop for Gaming 2013

Alienware 18 as Best Dell Laptop for Gaming 2013 – Dell now starting to consider providing the best choice in a gaming laptop. Moreover, today many options Dell laptop that has the best performance to maximize the gaming function. Of course as this notebook has the best hardware performance with the support of the best contract specifications. Maybe we can make Alienware 18 as the best dell laptop for gaming 2013. Ergonomic design and powerful help us get comfort while playing games for a long time. In addition, it is also supported by the performance of the best hardware specifications. Of course, to maximize this notebook we need better graphics performance. It also has a very impressive graphics.

Alienware ALW18 2990sLV 18.4 Inch : Best Dell Gaming-Laptop



As best dell laptop for gaming 2013, Alienware has 18 processors support a very impressive performance. It has an Intel Core i7-have 4900MQ which will produce speeds up to 2.8 GHz. Support this processor will also be equipped with a very large memory capacity. It has been equipped with 32GB of memory with maximum strength. The memory capacity will enable us to use the game with a huge specification. In addition, the entire process of installing games on this notebook will also be easier with the speed of memory which is offered to the gamers. This will provide a pleasant experience for them.

Of course the graphics capabilities to be crucial for the Alienware 18 as the best dell laptop for gaming 2013. It has impressive graphics capabilities with support for Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M SLI. Moreover, the capacity of the graphics card is offered to the gamer reaches 4096 MB (4GB). It will enable us to get a memorable experience to play a lot of games. To help us maximize the graphics capabilities, Dell gives the concept a very large screen with a size of about 18.4 inches widescreen. Of course, the resulting resolution is also very large about 1920 x 1080. This further complements the impressive experience when playing a lot of games interesting.

To play lots of exciting games, we also need a better storage capacity. It has been offering storage capacity of up to 1250 GB HDD and SSD format. Enormous storage capabilities that will increasingly make the Alienware 18 as the best dell laptop for gaming 2013. Various other features and equipment provided on this notebook. Support Blu-ray Disc will make us easier to do install some games that have a large capacity. Various features of this impressive hardware will provide approximately 12:02 lbs load. To get this notebook, we need cost about $ 4500.


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