Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops 2017

The Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop 2017

Some laptop vendors increasingly make great chance to compete through the gaming domain. It made most of the vendors began to provide many options and price of laptops for gaming with different specifications. Of course this will make it easier for gamers to get the best choice through the whole notebook options. However, we also have to remember that the entire specification offered was certainly different vendors. Before we determine, we should do a comparison of all these gaming notebook choice. Maybe we can make the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p as one of the best lenovo laptop for gaming of 2017. The best specification and price becomes the basis of our choice.

Lenovo Y50 15.6 – Best Lenovo Laptop for Gaming

best lenovo gaming laptopLenovo IdeaPad Y50 has been equipped with excellent processing power. It comes with Intel Intel Core i7-4720HQ which will produce speeds up to 2.6 GHz. In addition, the ability of this processor will also be supported with memory capacity up to 16 GB of RAM. This capacity will enable the processor to get better speed. Moreover, this specification will also affect the entire games and applications that will be installed. Rendering speed on all applications and games to be crucial for us. So that these specifications will help us get optimal performance.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y50p has graphics support and an excellent screen. It has been integrated with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M which has a capacity of 2000MG (2GB). The graphics power will certainly help us to maximize the entire game contained on the notebook. Moreover, this support will also make us apply the maximum setting on the game’s graphics. To get maximum features in this entire graphics card, Lenovo has provided a screen size of 15.6 inches widescreen. Support graphics cards on the screen will result in a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. In addition, we will also be easier with a very large storage capacity.

This laptop has a storage capacity of up to 1 TB consisting of HDD and SSD format. To maximize all the features of the specifications of these notebooks, we will get the support of Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform. Moreover, some of the big games do require the platform to get the very maximum graphics performance. Unfortunately, It only comes with the Primary External Optical Drive. So we have to do additional settings to use the Optical Drive.

Lenovo is one of the vendors that provide many options laptop with the best specs. In fact, Lenovo also gives the option gaming laptop with a fairly cheap price. Of course, this laptop is also supported with the best specifications and impressive. Through this laptop we will get the best support and capacity specifications are impressive. Moreover, the laptop is also supported by the graphics card is required to maximize the gamers who want to play the whole game. However, to maximize all parts of the hardware on this laptop, we should begin to take into account all the details of the information on this laptop.

2017 Newest Lenovo 15.6 HD High Performance Laptop – Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Under 400

2017 Newest Lenovo 15.6 HD High Performance Laptop - Cheap Gaming Laptop Under 400As a laptop for gaming, of course it will have a very good processor performance. This laptop comes with processor of AMD FX7500 that will produce a maximum speed of up to 3.3 GHz. Moreover, some games do require excellent processor speed. In addition, to facilitate the entire performance of this processor, Lenovo offers a fairly large memory capacity. Support memory up to 8GB of RAM would be easier for us playing a lot of games interesting. Moreover, some games also always recommended memory size is large enough. So this laptop can be one consideration for us to get performance processor and RAM the better.

Support graphics card and screen resolution has also become an important part in laptops for gaming. Moreover, the Lenovo laptop has also been equipped with a graphics card with enough power either. On the laptop we will get impressive performances through AMD Radeon R7. In fact, the graphics card will provide support on screen size 15.6 inches Widescreen. Thus, with this graphics card we will get a maximum resolution up to 1366 x 768. Such specifications support will enable us to get a better gaming experience. Of course the whole concept of the graphics that are offered to us will also impressive.

The laptop also has a large storage capacity.  The storage capacity is offered reach 1TB. Of course this will make us able to store a variety of important data and files that have a certain format. It also comes with a DVD+R DL as the Primary Optical Drive which takes a few games when doing the install. Another important thing we can consider from the best lenovo gaming laptop is ergonomic and modern design in all parts of the laptop.

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