How to Bluetooth Your Contacts From Your Phone To Laptop

How to Bluetooth Your Contacts From Your Phone To Laptop

If you own a cell phone, you might know that it is quite tedious to set up a Bluetooth link to send contacts from your cell phone to laptop. The reason is that Bluetooth technology is implemented differently in different phones and laptops, which makes the process overly complicated.

Hopefully, this article will help sort out this confusion and let you understand the process better.

1. Overview
First, let’s set the scenario right. You have a cell phone with many contacts that you will want to back up into your computer. This ensures that if your cell phone gets stolen / damaged, you have a way of retrieving the stored contacts.

2. What Are The Requirements?
Ok, what equipment do you need? The first thing you need is of course, a cell phone and a laptop as basic requirements. On the cell phone, make sure Bluetooth is enabled (refer to your cell phone manual on how to do this).

In the laptop, there are two kinds of Bluetooth devices – either internal or external. An internal Bluetooth device is usually something like a mini-PCI card which you can flick on with a small switch. An external device is usually a USB dongle that provides Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure you install the correct drivers to ensure that the USB dongle functions correctly.

The final thing you need is Bluetooth connectivity software – the one I like to use is IVT Bluesoleil – this software is pretty amazing and allows you to send and receive documents and contacts via Bluetooth in a simple user interface.

3. The Procedure
Ok, once you confirm you have the cell phone, laptop and Bluetooth software ready, we can begin the process of sending contacts to the laptop.

Start up the Bluesoleil software, and do a scan for Bluetooth devices. Your cell phone should get listed. Right click on your cell phone icon and you will see a list of options. Just choose to ‘pair device’. Confirm the pairing on your cell phone.

Next, push your contacts from your cell phone to the laptop. Go to an existing contact and select to Send it to the name of your laptop as listed in the phone. You should see a message asking if you would like to import the contact into Microsoft Outlook. Just confirm and the contact will be sent.

If you’re selecting a lot of contacts to send, make sure you set the time out on the Bluesoleil program to 10 minutes or more.

Ok, you’ve know seen how you can send contacts from the cell phone to the laptop via Bluetooth. Some cell phones have proprietary software to do this, but if you fancy doing it on your own, just use the approach described above. Good luck!

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