Best Budget Laptops 2017

Budget PCs are a hard market for makers. They should produce quality systems for as little as possible and that regularly involves trade offs in hardware or software features. Naturally, each person could have a different idea of what they need in a budget portable. Perhaps it is for graphics, performance, portability or cost. Below are my selections for the best budget portables now available for a selection of different uses and costs all priced below $650.

Best Affordable Laptops 2017 Review


If youre looking at getting a top of the range portable Computer for as little as possible Toshiba offers a particularly solid price in the Satellite L505-S5969.

It offers lots of the same features that may be found in numerous PCs in the price range including Pentium Dual-Core T4200, 3GB of DDR2, 320GB drive, twin layer DVD burner, Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics and 802.11b / g Wireless. It also offers an eSATA marginal port for high speed external storage and a bigger keyboard with numeric keypad. All this in a package that comes in around $500. An alternative if you cannot find this model is the Gateway NV5214u that is reliant on an AMD platform rather than the more ever present Intel.


Vis overall capacities, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y550 truly sets itself except for other systems on the list. The drawback is that some of the advance features also reduce some of the base parts. Uses will be limited to just 1GB of memory and 160GB drive space to realize a sub $650 price ticket but it is using quicker DDR3 memory. So why does it get the top nod? It incorporates a sizeable number of features not found on many budget systems including eSATA, HDMI, ExpressCard / 34 slot and even a dedicated NVIDIA G210M graphics processor.

If you do not need the graphics, a composite graphics version is available for a touch less.

For any one out there thats looking at getting an inexpensive computer to do graphics work, the display and its color illustration is going to be dubious.


Many of the minimal cost portables sacrifice screen color by employing reduced cost panels and back-lighting. Dells Inspiron 15.4-inch WLED display provides it with some of the finest overall color and lightness. Dell offers a good range of parts configuration but it is feasible to get a Pentium Dual-Core T4200, 3GB of DDR2 memory, 160GB hard drive, twin layer DVD burner, and 802.11b / g wireless for around $600 to $650. Remember that the tiny 4-cell battery in the reduced cost configurations provides below average running times. For those searching for a smaller computer, the Inspiron fourteen offers an analogous display.

While there are some very tiny and cheap portables on the market, plenty of the most recent sacrifice a drive.


Acers Aspire Timeline AS4810T manages to supply a system for only $650 which has a 1-inch profile and just over found pound weight. It employs the new Intel CULV platform based around a Core two Solo SU3500 processor that permits it to run for upwards of eight hours. Other features include 4GB DDR3 memory, 320GB drive, DVD burner, LED backlit display, 802.11a / g / n wireless and HDMI output. If you completely need a smaller PC and are prepared to use some older technology, theres the Hypersonic Avenger AG2 12-inch computer still free.

Dont forget the Minis

A new sort of intensely little and light PC has appeared nicely timed for summer travel. Called mobile Web devices ( MIDs ), and AKA mini-laptops, mini-notebooks, or mini-notes, these light PCs are practically exposed, stripped of all extraneous features.

And beginning at around $400, they are far less expensive than other mobile Computers . There are more light options, naturally. One is the ultramobile Computer ( UMPC ), which is approximately the same size as a mini-note, but has more features, a more ambitions design, and a far higher cost. Another is the ultraportable laptoponce the tiniest and lightest of all notebook types, with delegates such as the MacBook Air. Mini-laptops are not designed to contest with either UMPCs or ultraportables. When push comes to push, a MID can handle web surfing and document creationbut tiny else.

These machines pack low-end processors and run Linux or Windows XP ( or in some regrettable instances, resource-hogging Vista ). But if your requirements on the road are modest, a mini-laptop may be a decent fit in your baggage.

There are may great brands of Lap tops available out there today. Technology is changing daily. Dont forget to check out other brands like. Apple, HP, Compaq, Sony.

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Best Affordable Laptops

Have you got a tight budget but need a new computer? Or just looking for the best possible deal on a new notebook? Curious about the latest netbook and what they offer?
Notebooks were once the most expensive option when it came to purchasing a new computer. This has changed. Many people prefer the flexibility of a mobile computing solution, and we are here to guide you through finding notebook deals on the internet.

Lets look at some tips to think about before choosing a new budget notebook computer.

Firstly, what is the difference between laptops, notebooks and netbooks? tells us a laptop is generally thought of as a computer which is smaller, light and sized to fit comfortable on the lap of the user. The typical parts of a desktop computer such as monitor and keyboard are integrated into its body. Laptops have built in rechargeable batteries. Notebooks are the same as laptops, the two words can be used interchangeably. A netbook is a newer version od the same technology. Often smaller, lighter and lower technical specifications, it is a great solution for most people for casual emailing, internet browsing and enjoying digital media without the higher price tag of a top end notebook.

If you are frustrated with using an older or faulty laptop but dont want to spend thousands of dollars, we have great news, the latest laptops, notebooks and netbooks are much lower in price than a few years ago. There are also many budget conscious choices available from refurbished laptops to coupons and deals we will show you some ways to save money on your next purchase.

Laptops have many uses in our daily life, from watching your favorite movies, listening to music, catching up with friends on Facebook, sending emails to distant loved ones, or paying your utility bills online. Notebooks, netbooks and all types of computer have become a must have tool for people not involved directly in technology businesses. If you enjoy relaxing with computer games, then the convenience of a best budget gaming laptop will suit you!

Look through our advice, recommended retail sites and laptop models and you will quickly see you can afford a new cheap laptop.

And there is truly much more. By finding the most suitable affordable laptop for your needs and purchasing it on the internet, you will not have to visit the many technology stores which seem to multiply daily. Instead compare and choose from the comfort of your home at a time which suits you. We offer laptop reviews and advice on the Best models and manufacturers, with our range of reviews and manufacturers growing regularly.

We offer advice on some of the best retailers on the internet for savings, including the Dell Outlet, as well as tips on finding the bargains on ebay and

We recommend you start with out advice on Buying an inexpensive Laptop including how to use the internet to find Laptop Notebook Deals, why Refurbished Laptops are an excellent way to save money, and using Best Netbook Reviews on the internet to evaluate your potential purchase before spending your money.

We also offer reviews of some of the most popular Budget Laptop Brands starting with two popular and reliable laptops, the Acer Aspire 5315 and arguably the best cheap laptop 2017 the ASUS EEE PC 1005HA. This section will be growing as we add new laptop, notebook and netbook models, so remember to subscribe for our updates. Planned reviews include the Acer Aspire 5100, Dell Inspiron 1525, Lenovo Ideapad Y530, other Dell laptops and many more. Feel free to contact us directly to request a review!

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