Some of Best Options on The Cheap HP Laptops

Some of best options on the cheap HP laptops – Today there are many options of cheap laptops that will further facilitate our decision. Moreover, it also offers a whole selection of draft specifications with the best quality is quite impressive. HP is one of the vendors that will give you many options of affordable laptops with the best combination of specifications. Of course we will be easier to choose the best notebook and has a low price. Maybe we can make a Chromebook 14 and HP Pavilion HP 2000-2b19wm as cheap HP notebook. Each option also has the best features and specifications with low price. However, we also have to remember that these options have different supported platforms. Should we also do a comparison of all parts of this notebook.

Some of Best Options on The Cheap HP Laptops

1.  HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

Best Options On The Cheap HP Laptops

As part of a cheap HP laptop, HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook offers pretty good specs. It is equipped with an Intel Celeron 847 which will provide speeds of up to 1.1 GHz. To get maximum performance on the processor, HP also offers us through memory capacity reaches 2GB of RAM. Of course this will make us enough to do a variety of activities through software or specialized applications. Moreover, the size of the screen on this notebok is also quite large at 14 inches Widescreen. In addition, It is also equipped with Intel HD Graphics that will maximize the screen resolution on the laptop. This condition will make it easy for us to get details of all applications used.

2.  HP 2000-2b19wm

Some of Best Options on The Cheap HP Laptops

Perhaps we can also make the HP 2000-2b19wm as an option on the cheap HP Laptop. Unlike the competitors, It has support for AMD E-300 processor which will provide speeds of up to 1.3 MHz. Maximum performance of the processor would be easier for us to use some software. Another advantage of this notebook as support a good enough graphics card. Integration of AMD’s Radeon HD 6130 would be easier for us to get maximum resolution on the screen size of 15-inch Widescreen. Moreover, its maximum resolution  reaches 1366 x 768.

Each user would be considering the other specs on this cheap HP laptop. Of course storage capacity and support the platform on HP Pavilion and HP 2000 Chromebook 14-2b19wm will be a reckoning for us. HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook has a small enough storage capacity to 16GB. Of course this is small enough for us who use notebooks for various activities. However, the HP 2000s we 2b19wm given storage capacity up to 320GB. Moreover the platform on both laptops is also different. HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook Google Chrome OS is supported, while the HP 2000-2b19wm have Microsoft Windows 8.

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