Here’s a Quick Way of Cleaning Your Laptop Keyboard

Here’s a Quick Way of Cleaning Your Laptop Keyboard

A little dirt or even more than a little dirt on your laptop’s keyboard will not kill it. Nevertheless, dirt, grime, oil from your fingertips and anything else (dust, food particles and crumbs, hair, spilled liquids, etc.) that may have fallen between them will most likely not even hamper its performance beyond experiencing slugging keys that stick enough to slow down your progress.

To avoid these problems, this article shows you a quick way of cleaning your laptop keyboard.

What Do We Need?
Save yourself time and unnecessary frustration by preparing all that you will need for this cleaning project:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Cosmetic foam-rubber cleaning pads
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Water
  • Lighter fluid
  • Fine tipped tweezers
  • Small screw driver
  • Kitchen strainer
  • Household cleaner such as used for cleaning windows
  • Super Lube Dry Film spray

Now you are ready to do some serious work and the following are step by step how-to instructions.

1. Disassemble Your Laptop’s Keyboard
Disassembling the keyboard is admittedly very scary for someone who has never done it before but believe me when I tell you; it’s no big deal – just do it.

2. Pop Off The Keyboard
Draw a map of your keyboard’s layout. Next, with the help of a small screwdriver cautiously pop off each one of the keys securing the keyboard. Carefully remove the small rubber pieces attached to each key. Place the keys into one container and the rubber pieces in another.

3. Clean The Keyboard
Dampen cotton swabs with water and proceed to clean your keyboard’s every nook and cranny. Use the tweezers in tight spaces that will not accommodate the cotton swabs.

Repeat the same action by dampening the cotton swabs with alcohol. Next, dampen pieces of foam rubber with lighter fluid. Clean each one of the keys with cotton swabs and lighting fluid and place them all in the kitchen strainer.

4. Use The Window Cleaner
Spray the keys with the window cleaner and let stand for approximately five minutes. Rinse the keys out with hot water and place on paper towels to dry thoroughly. Place the small rubber components in the kitchen strainer.

5. Lubricate The Keyboard
Now, you should coat the keys with the Super Lube Dry Film lubricant and let dry. Cover the entire laptop with plastic and seal with scotch tape while leaving the keyboard exposed. Lubricate the keyboard.

6. Reassemble Your Laptop’s Keyboard
Reassembling is only slightly less scary than is disassembling but it cannot be helped. If you want to have your functioning laptop back, you will have to reassemble it. Do it slowly and methodically and you will be OK:

Replace the small rubber components into the keyboard. Re-install all the keys by snapping them into their proper places.

You did it and you are now the proud owner of an immaculate laptop keyboard. Doesn’t it feel good? Wasn’t it all worth while?

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