Learn How To Shut Down Your Laptop Properly

Learn How To Shut Down Your Laptop Properly

One of the things that you should learn as the owner of a laptop is how to shut down the machine properly. In the past, I’ve always tried to shut down the machine by hitting the power button. However, believe me, that is not the correct way to shut down the laptop. The correct steps are listed in this article. Read through them so you understand what to do in the future.

how to shut down the laptop
1. Save All Your Work
The first step to shutting down your laptop is also the most obvious one. You should first save all your work and ensure the files are properly stored. You don’t want to lose half a day’s work before shutting down the machine.
2. Click The Start Button
Once you click the Start button, you will need to follow different instructions based on whether you’re on Windows XP or Windows Vista. In Windows XP, click the Turn Off Computer button. In Windows Vista, click the shutdown option represented by the padlock icon.
3. Shut Down The Machine
Once you have done the above, you should have a Turn Off Computer box message popping up. Choose the Shut Down menu item and then click Turn Off.

Once you perform the above steps, the laptop turns itself off. When the screen goes dark and the power lamp on the laptop is dimmed, you can turn safely tuck away the machine.

The above steps are the proper way of shutting down a laptop. It may appear obvious to some of you, but many users don’t follow the above steps when shutting down. Heading straight for the power button instead of following the above steps is a recipe for disaster. One day, your machine will give way. Make sure you follow the above steps in future.

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