Great Ways To Use Your Tablet PC

Great Ways To Use Your Tablet PC

If you’ve just bought a tablet PC, you may be wondering how you can make the best use of it. In reality, tablet PCs have been around for many years. From pen tablets to web pads, you can use them for tracking inventory to giving presentations. This article discusses interesting ways of using your tablet PC.

1. Use It For Education
The most obvious way to use a tablet PC is to apply it in the education arena. These days, more and more e-books are being distributed – as a result, that tablet PC of yours can replace those heavy textbooks.

The can also use the tablet PC in a classroom. Instead of having desktops situated in a computer lab, you can have your students bring their own (or the school’s) tablet PCs.

You can also use tablet PCs for lesson planning, essentially to store course notes and bring them to class. Alternative uses include grading papers (using the tablet PC’s to mark), or even distance learning.

2. Use It For Retail
Here’s another interesting application – use the tablet PC for retail. If you’re a store manager, a tablet PC can replace the forms or notes you used to keep when trying to keep track of inventory. The ease of use of the tablet PC make it easy for any retail personnel to be productive with it very quickly.

Some other interesting uses include operations and customer service. You often sales clerks these days carrying around a tablet PC around to service customers. It also conveys a more professional look than your standard pen and paper.

3. Use It In Real Estate
If you’re in the real estate industry, you will very often meet up with buyers and sellers to their home of choice. You might also attend property launches and make marketing literature.

If you use a tablet PC, you can easily get the faces on a particular property (e.g. the price and property tax). You can also post and review classifieds or listings concerning the property.

An interesting idea I heard from a friend is to also create 3D online tours. You can use a tablet PC to stream or show a video of the property’s surroundings and rooms.

Well, those are 3 innovative ways to make use of a tablet PC if you own one. Of course, there are many other uses for a tablet PC, I know of some doctors and lawyers who carry a tablet PC around. The truth is, it’s really up to your imagination how you want to use it. So until next time, good luck and happy tablet PC computing!

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