The Best Laptops(Notebooks) Under 1000 Dollars Class

The Best Laptops Under 1000 Dollars Class – Finding best quality laptop is easy. You just need to find laptop that has highest specification that you can find. That way, you will get notebook with best performance that you can use for many purposes. However, the trickiest part would be choosing the one with that best performance, but, the price is also affordable. Some of laptop that has really good specification will be priced above $1000 and that’s quite expensive. If you have low budget, that doesn’t means that you can’t get best notebook under 1000 dollars. There are some of products that you can try below and all of them are high-end type laptop and has affordable price.

The Best Laptops Under $1000

HP ProBook 4710

57993487_HP_ProBookThe Best Laptops(Notebooks) Under 1000 Dollars Class

If we are talking about the ProBook series from HP, we are talking about high-end notebook. That’s true. Most of the HP ProBook series are the product with really high specification. This HP ProBook 4710 is also one of them. The only thing that makes it different than other is the price. It’s only $899. So, basically, this is one of the best notebooks under 1000 dollars that you can find. For the specification that HP has been loaded into this laptop, it’s quite high. HP uses Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 2.1 GHz processor for this laptop. So, the main core is quite fast. It’s supported by 4 GB DDR2 RAM and 320 GB hard drive. And for gamer, this is also good choices for you. HP ProBook 4710 uses one of the powerful graphic cards for laptop, which is ATI Mobility Radeon HD4330. So, your game will run smoothly on this laptop. The 8-cell battery also make this product is enjoyable for more hours. However, that’s not all. This laptop also has some of extra feature that add more plus point on its whole value. It’s the nice design of the keyboard. It has bigger button and a separate numeric keypad. It will make you easier to type or play game on it. More than that, this keyboard is also spill resistant.

Apple MacBook

Best Laptops(Notebooks) Under 1000 Dollars Class

If we talk about best notebooks under 1000 dollars, this notebook maybe is slightly below the category. Yes, its price is only $999. Although you can only save a mere $1, but, it’s worthy to buy. The first thing you can find in this laptop would be the green concept. This laptop use recyclable glass and aluminum material. So, if you really love our earth and want to join to save our earth from global warming, this is your best choice. However, the green concept isn’t the only good thing that you can find in this notebook. This also holds the most advance operating system from Apple. More than that, it also has good specification with 160 GB hard drive and 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Basically, it will give you great performance for many purposes. Those two laptops are few of products that you can find on the market that has really affordable under $1000 price. You also can find try other product that you like and find the one that suit you the most.

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