Best Cheap Laptop Under 200 2017

With prices of laptops and computers trending down for quite a while now, there are a number of options for you if you want to buy best cheap laptops that costs under $200. Though there are not many models with a sale price of less than $200, many other high-end laptops do qualify for that budget when they are on sale, or when you buy them as used or refurbished laptops.

best laptops under 200 dollars

ASUS was the first company to launch a cheap functional laptop with the launch of its Eee PC netbook computer. The ASUS Eee PC runs on the Intel Atom processor, which is designed especially for low-power laptops. By launching a functional laptop with a display size of 9”, ASUS single-handedly created a new market for low-priced laptops. In the present day, many other companies have also launched such smaller and low-priced netbooks, most of which run on Intel Atom processor too. It should be noted that most of these models normally sell for more than $200; however, you can get them for less than $200 when they are on sale, or when they come with a discount.

The latest type of laptops for sale with a price less than $200 are the mini-laptops that run on Android operating system. Available for as low as $80, usually they have a 7” display size, and run on sub-GHz processors. The Android laptops at can run Skype and MSN messenger; allow you to watch and support Adobe flash 10.1. Another new milestone in cheap notebooks under $200 is the launch of the Google Chromebook, which is a laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome OS.

For a mini laptop that costs less than $200 that run Windows applications, you can buy models such as Augen E-Go OE-A736, which sell for $84 from This mini laptop runs on Windows CE operating system, which is an operating system designed for mobile devices; however, it can still run applications such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

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Refurbished Laptop

Refurbished refers to products that have been returned to the manufacturer because of a defect, but then have been repaired to make them functional. These laptops should work as well as new laptops, but may have some small scratches or dents, or their battery life may be a bit shorter. However, these are non-functional issues – the laptop should work as well as any laptop is expected to work.

A number of online stores sell refurbished laptops that cost less under $200. Almost all of them define the term differently – for example, guarantees that their refurbished notebooks have a battery life of at least one hour. Other stores may define the term differently, and may have better battery life for their laptops.

You can buy these laptops from many online retailers. Indeed, even original manufacturers such as Dell sell refurbished laptops. The advantage of the laptop is that you can get a relatively high-end laptop that costs less than $200. It should be noted that refurbished is not the same as used laptops – in many cases, the laptops are not even used by the customer, but are returned because of some defect that is later easily corrected by the manufacturer.

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Used Laptops

Used laptops are another option when you want to guy a sub-$200 laptop. You can get used laptops for sale under $200 from sites such as and Craigslist is another alternative to buy a second laptop for less than $200. When buying used notebooks, make sure that they are functional, and have a good battery life.

In many instances, a bad battery can be good news. Many individuals dump their laptops at the first hint of trouble –once their warranty is over, and the battery starts dying out, they sell the laptop. You can buy these laptops for low resale rates, and put a new battery in them. Putting a new battery is easy, and can be done by following simple instructions available on sites such as

Where To Buy Them

You can buy sub $200 computers is from online retail stores, as well as directly from manufacturers. Most manufacturers’ sites also sell refurbished and used notebooks. In the real world, you can buy cheap laptops from your local dealers, as well as by replying to postings on One of the best sites to find them is, where you can buy new as well as second laptops.

Buying this cheap of a laptop would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. However, a number of different manufacturers have recently come out with cheap but functional laptops that can be used for your day to day requirements. Indeed, you can even get relatively more powerful machines if you purchase refurbished or used notebooks from sites such as Sites such as and too have a lot of offers of used laptop for under 200 dollars. With second laptops, you have to be careful that their components and accessories are working well, which can be easily done by running simple diagnostic tests on them. Finally, the best time to buy these laptops is the holiday season, or whenever retailers offer their products on a discount. Black Friday is one such holiday that is a great time to buy sub-$200 laptops.

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