Best Laptops under 300

The laptop is still one of the best selling pieces of technology despite the surge in mobile phones. I still have mine and it forms a partner to my Samsung Galaxy S2. It wasn’t expensive, around $250 but suits me perfectly. Choosing laptops under 300 dollars is the ideal sort of range for us mere mortals. You should get a handy bit of kit that functions as a good workhorse for most run of the mill functions families want it for.

best cheap laptops under 300 dollars

Will these budget laptops zip along to the latest Black Ops Edition? Of course not but they will allow children and students to do their assignments, mom to sort her household budget and dad to have something to take to meetings for presentations for his business as well as handling accounts.

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So the paying about $300 for a laptop shouldn’t break the bank. But the question is what laptops under $300 should be taking you hard earned green away from you. In fact where do you stat, especially if you aren’t that techie?

Well if I was looking to buy a laptop computer for less than 300 dollars I would fly my way to Amazon. I would do this even if I wasn’t thinking of buying from there yet. Why? Because not only can you see about the biggest range, but you can also pick up on the reviews put on by real people.

You might also find a couple of different options for buying your laptop you hadnt thought of, but I will go into those later.

Starting Your $300 Laptop Search

Okay go to Amazon and just type in “laptops under 300” in the search bar. You should get a ton of results popping up. So sifting through those I would focus on 3 of the top new laptops retailing at under $300. For my mind at the moment I think the ones below are your best bet:

Best Laptop for Under $300

Acer Aspire One AOD270-1410 10.1-Inch Netbook

Okay so Im cheating a little by picking a netbook, but there is a fine line in difference, the main one being screen size. It has Windows Starter which you can upgrade to Windows Home Premium or upgrade the memory if you need to later as well. Its light and portable and will compete nicely with any iPad rivals, especially on price.

Looking at the reviews for this laptop which shades in les than 300, theyre pretty rockin 34 out of 49 4 or 5 star, thats nearly 70% high approval. In fact it probably one of the highest reviews in this price range.

If you want to go for the full laptop then go for the Acer Aspire One D270 AOD270-1186 Notebook Computer or stretch and extra $5 for the ASUS A53U-EB11 15.6-Inch Laptop or the Acer Aspire One AO725-0899 11.6-Inch Netbook, Dual Core, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD which has a great spec. Really if you cant go over $300 then just skip a coffee and doughnut tomorrow. That should do it.

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Think Outside The Brand New Box

So Ive shown you the best buys, in my opinion. But what if you could get a fully specd top of the range animal laptop less than 300 right now?

I would either take your arm of or think my fingers would be burnt it would be so hot. But no. Take a look at the Amazon search again. See how very few of the new prices are under $300? That’s because its the used price that is coming up. You’ve got it now used laptops for under 300.

See I can almost smell the fear that the phrase used laptop produces. Its a bit like used car salesman. But times have changed. Places like are reputable portals, that big companies and businesses do trade on and thats what youre looking for.

Its easy to check out the ratings sellers get as well now. So you can easily see the Dodgy Dans from the honest Harolds (Note to self: Must pick less sad names next time). Sites have really worked hard to try and build up trust and ways of rating their sellers to help us out.

Anyway let me show you some examples:

Dell Latitude E6500 15.4 C2D-2.53GHZ 4G/250G RW BT WC

Retail around $1000-1500, used price $199!

Now even I was dubious about this one so I have to dig deeper here

Now the important words here are from £199. Never mind lets see what we get. Sold by a company called Z&W electronics.

But what about that mega laptop under $300 you want? They have 10 in various conditions from Good to like new from $199 to $800 so take your pick. They also have 4 refurbished laptops for less than $300.

Now for less than $300 that means you could get

  • 4G of Intel Core 2 Duo 2500 MHz memory
  • 250 gigabyte drive and a whacking great 15.4 screen
  • Fully installed Wi-Fi card and installed Microsoft windows

Now you can see how valuable this used and refurbished market can be to you when looking for laptops under 300. You can get something you only dreamed of and have big company and corporation back up and guarantees.

So if you’re a gamer you could pick up an Alienware special for a fraction of the new price saving you a bundle. With the economy in the crapper you have to think smart and not getting undersold n new products and laptops is just one way to work your money hard.

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