Best-Rated Laptops for Under 800 Dollar

There is no excuse to own your own laptop even you only have a small amount of money. You can find the affordable laptop that will suits all of your needs. Clear your bad mindset about cheap laptop, because nowadays all the laptop are just powerful enough to do all of your stuff. You can do any kind of spreadsheets making at ease. You can also open, write and edit some documents without any difficulties. Affordable laptops might not be suitable for playing high end games that have a next generation graphics. A good laptop can be the one that you can trust for all of your work needs.

best laptops under 800 dollars

Top Rated Laptop Under $800

ASUS E200HA- Best Asus Laptop Under $800

Best Asus Laptop Under 800Asus is the one of the most sophisticated brand that excels in gaming needs. Most of the Asus laptop is known that have a good capabilities to run a high demanding graphics. Asus laptops is also known that as the best price to performance laptop.

This ASUS E200HA is one of the most cheap ultraportable system that can you buy without troubling your pocket. It is one of the most compact machine that only have a one inch thickness and weight roughly only for 2.2 lbs.! It have a 11.6 inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The display looks quite common, but it still have a good brightness that is comfortable for your eyes.

Plastic casings cover the whole stuff, but it still sturdy and not cheap looking. For the performance itself, this great ASUS E200HA already have the Intel Quad-Core processor. The processor itself is quite fast enough and can run all the process smoothly without any trouble. For the multitasking needs, there are already RAM with 4GB capacity. If you have a plenty of files that need to be stored, this great laptop already have a 32 GB Hard Drive. If you want a faster laptop, you can switch your Hard Drive with a seamlessly fast Solid State Drive.

You can get this notebook that can withstand for a 3 hour normal usage. It might be cheap and suitable to get most of your jobs done, but it cannot run some latest game with a good graphics. It is worth to buy laptop!

Dell Inspiron 15 5548 – Best Dell Laptop Under $800

This laptops have a price tag only for around $700. You will also get high demanding specs that will fulfill all of your heavy task needs. It have 15.6 inch that looks really great and can please your eyes. The design itself it was just stunning and sophisticated. The matte color can make this laptop looks even more better.

For the computing power, this laptop already packed with the latest generation of Intel Core i7 Broadwell Processor. This kind of processor can kill any useless loading time when you want to open and process all of your stuff. Thanks to the latest Graphics from Radeon, the R7 M270, that can make this laptop render some latest game quite smooth.

In order to create a smooth multitasking and program switching, this Dell Inspiron 15 5548 already have a dual channel RAM with 8GB capacity. For the storage itself, you will get the hybrid solid state drive with 1TB capacity. This hybrid system will work much more faster than using the common hard drive. It’s also one of best laptops for engineering students

Samsung 350U2B – Best Samsung Laptop Under $800

Samsung finally arise after a long defeat from the other more affordable brand for laptop. Samsung is known for their reputation and usually have a price tag higher than the other brand. Samsung 350U2B is one of the laptop that stands up in the price tag below than $800. From the aspect of design, know that Samsung always excels on the beauty part. This laptop has a sleek body with a thickness for no more than 1 inch. We know that kind of thickness will leave no space for DVD optical drive at all, so you will need to buy a separate optical drive in order to install some programs.

The 12.1 inch display is one of a beauty that this laptop have. It can show a lot of pictures with good depth of colors. Although it might not be good enough if you use it on outdoor situation. It also comes with the 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 2410M processor. The processor is already powerful enough to run all of your program smoothly without wasting your time. To complete all of your multitasking program, this Samsung already have DDR3 RAM with 4GB capacity. In order to keep you mobile, this laptop is already have a Lithium Ion battery with 4400mAh capacity.

The biggest drawback from this laptop is not yet have a dedicated Graphics Card. It still run with the Onboard Intel HD Graphics 3000. This graphics is not suitable for heavy gaming, but still can do a smooth rendering while you are doing some editing.

MSI CX61 2PC-499US – a Good Affordable Laptop

Last but not least, there is still this MSI CX61 as another option for your affordable laptop. This laptop is already powered by Intel Core i5-4200 Haswell Processor that can run any kind of program smoothly. In order to keep you running well, while doing some program multitasking, MSI already pack a Dual Channel DDR3 RAM with 8GB Capacity (2 x 4GB).
In order to keep all of your data, there is already a Hard Drive with large capacity of 750GB. This laptop already have an Anti Glare display that is perfect when you are doing some outdoor activity. The display can absorb an excessive amount of lighting, and prevent the screen from blurring. In order to keep up to date with latest game, this $549 MSI CX61 already have the Nvidia GeForce GT 820M Graphics Card with 2GB or VRAM. You also not need to look for an Operating System, because on this laptop already have a pre-installed Windows 8.1 Original.

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