Top 7 Ways to Discover a Wireless Hot Spot

Top 7 Ways to Discover a Wireless Hot Spot

Are you having problems hooking on to a wireless hot spot while in a public area? The truth is, hooking up to a hot spot may not be so simple for newbies.
I remember when I tried connecting to a wireless hot spot while in Starbucks – the connection was so difficult to set up … I spent many frustrated hours checking this and that setting.

I hope that through this article you will learn how to easily configure access to a wireless hot spot.


If you’re trying to find a wireless hot spot while on the road, remember that you need two things. First, you need your mobile gear, e.g. a laptop, usually with built-in wireless connectivity. If your laptop does not have built-in wireless, try getting a wireless adapter card that plugs into your laptop.

The second thing you will need to to know which locators and service providers offer hotspots. This might be a problem if you’re not familiar with the offers given by certain service providers. So you need to check up the local newspapers or websites to see what hot spot arrangements are out there.

Finding a wireless hot spot need not be a hassle

So let’s get started here … some of these tips may be a little US centric, but if you’re in another part of the world, you should be able to find similar services.

1. Find a Hot Spot in the U.S or Cananda

If you come from the US or Canada, you can easily find free public Wi-Fi locations. Some websites have a directory of these locations posted online. Click on this link for locating hot spots in the US or Canada.

2. Find a Hot Spot Offline

There are also ways to find hot spots if you’re not connected to the Internet. Download this program and use it on your laptop to find a hot spot anywhere in the world. This interesting little utility allows you to search by country, state, zip Code or even wireless service provider.

3. Find a Hot Spot in Libraries

Another alternative to finding hot spots is to go to a public library. Libraries can provide a private and quiet location to work. I’m not talking about academic libraries like those in a university. Rather, you can go to a good public library that offers wireless hot spot access. You can check out this directory listing and simply select a country to find specific locations where libraries offer Wi-Fi access.

4. Find T-Mobile Hot Spots

Interestingly, if you subscribe to T-Mobile, they offer a search facility to allow you to hot spot locations in the US and also internationally.

5. Find Boingo Hot Spots

Another wireless hot spot provider, Boingo, also offers a hot spot location finder. You can search by city, state, country or type of Wi-Fi location. The nice thing about this location finder is that you can export the list in PDF format so you can bring it on the road.

6. Find a Flying J Hot Spot

If you do a lot of driving on highways, then you can find hot hot spots in the Flying J chain of truck stops. Flying J offers hot spots in their plazas and is very convenient if you find yourself out on the open highway and requiring a wireless broadband connection.

7. Find a Hot Spot – BT Openzone

For those who live in the UK and Republic of Ireland, BT Openzone provides many ways of searching for hot spot locations. You can simply click here to access their online hot spot locator – which allows you to perform searches, and also download results in Excel and PDF, or by phone and SMS.

I hope this article has shown you some of the best ways to get connected via a wireless hot spot. Remember to hunt around for the best wireless provider and then use the appropriate facility to find the best hot spot for your personal and professional use. Until next time, happy mobile computing!

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